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Hello! My name is Natalie Lageyre and I am a professional makeup artist originally from Miami, FL, but currently residing in NYC.

 My makeup career began over a decade ago when I was in a very different profession. I had the privilege of dancing professionally for a number of NBA teams and went on to perform for amazing artists such as Pitbull, Chris Brown and Carlos Vives, to name a few. My career as a dancer allowed me to travel the world and in doing so, introduced me to different cultures which inspired the many ideas that still shape my style of makeup artistry. 

Initially, I specialized in performance and theatrical makeup and I loved the creative freedom and drama it offered, but as I gained more experience I found myself progressing into a more natural, everyday glam. I grew to love the simplicity of the subtle enhancements makeup can offer. The combination of these two worlds is the perfect representation of my artistry style. Subtle and natural, with a pop of spice and drama!


"Everyone should feel beautiful with or without makeup"

Natalie Lageyre

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